Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Taking Flight

And so it begins. A new start, a new blog and a new mindset.

I have fallen in love with photography (and with cameras!). Learning about the different effects that result from film and digital cameras has been so exciting. I am loving the process. No, I'm not a professional. Just someone who has found a hobby that brings me so much satisfaction.

 My main subjects so far have been nature and the wildlife found at our local nature preserve. I LOVE watching the animals interact with each other and with their environment. It's very peaceful to take long walks in the woods, end up down by the water and observe the activity of the animals in their little world.

I want to branch out into street photography, too, but being an extreme introvert makes that a challenge; not impossible, but definitely a challenge. So we'll see how that develops in the coming weeks.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my new space. There will be tweaks here and there but it's good to get this thing rolling.

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