Monday, September 12, 2016

Feeling Like Fall

Autumn Eyes

Press your body
close to the ground.

The earth 
still smells of summer,
and the body
still smells of love.

But the grass
is turning yellow over you.
The wind is cold
and full of thistle seeds.

And the dream that haunts you
on shadow-feet,
your dream
has autumn eyes.

-- Hilde Domin

I love this poem! It expresses exactly how I feel with the approaching Fall season (my favorite time of the year). I took this photo on my last outing to the nature preserve. The landscape is slowly changing and you can feel the subtle shifts in nature.

Confession: I hibernate in the Summer. Heat and humidity of mid-summer (especially here in the Midwest) can be SO oppressive. UGH! I just wilt and my energy is zapped. When there are those beautiful days with less humidity and lower temps I do get out and enjoy them. Thankfully, they are starting to appear more often now.

Fall is my time! I come alive, I want to be outside, I love the smells: campfires, pumpkin spice, apples and the crisp colors that start to appear. I really enjoy the sweaters, the boots, Halloween, the chill in the air and football! Gah! It's not quite here yet, but there are signs that it's approaching. Early mornings are a little cooler and of course the daylight is shorter. The real test will be when my beloved hummingbirds leave for the Winter. I am so excited when they arrive and I get a little sad when they depart. 

So I'm getting that stirring, that excitement, that spark inside. Fall is coming and I'm ready!

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